SICES 2010 Summit Goals

The goals of this high-level international energy summit are to bring together top experts from China, EU, the United States and others around the globe for open debate and discussions on critical issues related to China’s strategic options of high-tech-derived clean energy projects.  In particular, the forum strives to develop a greater understanding on paradigm-changing approaches for clean & sustainable energy development via commercialization of frontier technologies, such as space based solar power (SBSP) or solar power satellite systems (SPS).

Summit Theme

Securing a sustainable and prosperous future of Humanity through science and technology innovation, international collaboration and human collective intelligence

Chairmen’s Welcome  note

The rapid economic development in China has brought a rate of expansion in energy demand that is explosive and unprecedented in recent human history.  This makes it imperative for China and the rest of the world to find strategic solutions for meeting this demand while causing no anthropogenic harm or leaving a poor environmental legacy for future generations.  In collaboration of the Sichuan provincial government, the international Clean Energy Consortium and the European based Space Energy Group, we are organizing this high-level international clean energy summit, and dedicate this scientific and policy-making forum to the open debate and assessment on key clean energy options. In particular, the summit will focus on middle-to-long term strategic energy options, such as SBSP and other forms of clean energy solutions, which are of high-tech derived, clean and truly sustainable.

We firmly believe that this summit provides an invaluable opportunity and platform for discussion, and for achieving consensus on strategic energy options for China through effective use of collective human intelligence. You are cordially invited to join us for this summit at the beautiful City of Chengdu in Sichuan China, and becoming part of the discussions with a team of internationally acclaimed experts in the clean energy and SBSP domain. We believe your participation will be among the highlights of the activity, and we sincerely hope you will come to the forum on schedule. On behalf of the organizing committee, we look forward to meeting you in Chengdu, China.

Mr. Jun Yi
Chair, SICES
Deputy Director,  Sichuan Investment Promotion Bureau

Dr. Feng Hsu
Chair, Technical Program Committee, SICES
Sr. VP of the Space Energy Group

Honorary Chair


Jiang Jufeng,  Governor of Sichuan Province

Zhang Xiaoqiang, Deputy Director, China National Development & Reform Commission

Shi Dinghuan, President, China Renewable Energy Association

Dr. Grob Gustav, President of International Clean Energy Association

Stephan Tennsel, CEO, The Space Energy Group, AG


Conference Chairs

Mr. Chengyun Li, Vice Governor of Sichuan Provincial Government

Mr. Huang Xiao Xiang, Vice Governor of Sichuan Provincial Government

Mr.  Jun Yi, Deputy Director, Sichuan Investment Promotion Bureau

Mr. Stephan Tennsel, CEO the Space Energy Group

Dr. Feng Hsu, Sr. VP, the Space Energy Group

Yuncheng Hu, Director of Renewable Energy Institute, Dongfang Electric Corp

Mr. Jiqiang Liu, Director, Sichuan Investment Promotion Center

Organizing Committee


Jun Yi, Deputy Director – Sichuan Investment Promotion Bureau  

Peter Sage, Director & Principle – the Space Energy Group

Dr. Feng Hsu, Senior Vice President – the Space Energy Group

Chun Wang, Division Chief – Sichuan Investment Promotion Bureau

Yuncheng Hu, Director of Renewable Energy Institute – Dongfang Electric Corp.

Hen Zhao, Beijing office representative – the Space Energy Group

Liu Jiqiang, Director – Sichuan Investment Promotion Center

Scientific and Technical Program Committee

Dr. Grob Gustav, President, International Clean Energy Consortium

Dr. Feng Hsu, Sr. VP, Space Energy Group

Dr. Li Ming, Deputy Director, China Academy of Space Science & Technology

Howard Bloom, National Space Society Board of Governors

Jiang Wenzheng, Vice President, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (Shanghai Bureau of Astronautics)

Wang Houquan, CEO of Shanghai Solar Science & Technology Corp.

Yuncheng Hu, Director of Renewable Energy Institute, Dongfang Electric

Jerome Glenn, Director, the Millennium Project

Dr. Marty Hoffert, Professor, the New York University

Mr. Wenzheng Jiang, Deputy Director, Shanghai Aerospace & Astronautic Bureau

Ralph Nansen, President, Solar Space Industry

Dr. Kaya Nobuyuki, Professor of Electric Engineering, Kobe University Japan

Dick Dickinson, President, Offearth7 Inc.

Dr. Huang Lun, Research fellow, Renewable Energy Institute of Dongfang Electric Corp. Group

Dr. Lianghen Feng, Prof. of Sichuan University

Dr. Shi Zhengrong, CEO of Suntech Corp.

CEO China, Sharp Corp. Japan

CEO China, General Electric Corp. USA

CEO China,  Mitsubishi Corp. Japan

CEO of New Energy China,  DuPont Corp. USA

CEO China, LG Corp. South Korea

CEO China, AES Corp. USA